what are the 3 best foods that are good for morale?

Several life situations can be the source of stress such as working conditions, unemployment, family relationships, illnesses, etc. stress is a physical or moral pressure that one feels when the organism is faced with a new situation or faced with a situation of aggression and to which it must adapt. The types of having good products when stress levels are high can improve morale and even help you survive.

this article lists the 3 best morale boosting foods.

Dark Chocolate

several studies have proven that eating dark chocolate everyday can reduce stress. a small piece (about 44g) can help you increase your level of happiness a small piece (about 44g) can help you increase your level of happiness thanks to a biomolecule called phenylethylamine.

researchers have proven that after two weeks of eating dark chocolate, the levels of stress hormones, cortisol and catecholamines were reduced in the blood plasma in the participants.

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Bananas are a fruit considered a natural beta blocker because they prevent adrenaline from binding with beta receptors. It is also very rich in potassium which regulates stress levels by regulating the heart rate.bananas are a rich source of vitamin B which regulates the nervous system, proteins, amino acids (mainly tryptophan) and magnesium which play an important role in increasing serotonin levels and in relieving your stress level and your mood.


Chilies can get hot and burn your mouths, many people don't like them. However, Researchers have discovered that peppers contain capsaicin as an active ingredient. A low dose occurs can relieve pain, help lose weight, and potentially affect germs in the gut to keep people healthier.

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