How to listen to a book instead of reading it? Now it's free

We are not going to lie, life is becoming more and more complicated to manage. Between confinement, forced promiscuity, learning new ways of life, our lives will experience ups and downs, moments of loneliness and discouragement; muffled despair in the face of a future from which no one can yet predict what it has in store for us.

Everyone will respond according to their sensitivity, temperament, level of education and environment. Everyone will try to bring their own answers to this type of isolation. This isolation seems to us today to be an obscenity, a scandal, a building of maritime rage whose vague contours make us a little uncomfortable and even more Pain as the only way to fight. This invisible enemy will remain at home, just as a regret, we will be the first victim.

Faced with this slow and boring pain, with a low soul and regret, for me, I know that there is no better treatment than reading. Reading is like neglect and rebirth, it is the most powerful narcotic, capable of going beyond reality and even completely forgetting about reality. Each page is a journey, each chapter is a dream and each paragraph is an enchantment.

With a book, containment no longer exists, it's just a decoy, the biggest lie. We are prisoners of nothing since it suffices to open the pages of a novel to escape from everything.

read a book or listen to it? Nowadays listening to a book has become an easy act. it's like lying next to your grandmother telling her stories.

Still very recent, the audio book market is gradually establishing itself in the literary sphere: in 2019, it was associated for the first time with the Opinion Way digital book barometer, in order to draw up some statistics on the uses of readers.

Nearly 15% of French people have already listened to at least one audio book, 7% wish to test this soon. For one in two followers, this practice is completely new: the first attempt dates back less than a year.

Obviously, if the audio book is democratized, it is because it becomes accessible by various means, and in particular through the giant Amazon. For the record, Audible has existed since 1997, it is a pioneer in its field. Its development dates back only a few years.

How it works ?

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Audible Gift Memberships

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